re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

Trying something new

Man, the trials and tribulations of trying something new.  I have worked for a long time to just get one picture from an external hard drive on to this blog.  I have deleted, reloaded, rewritten, reentered until I am sick of it.  And you only get to see one picture of one carving.  There are 500 more to see.  Perhaps the Gallery and Gift site will one day have many more.

Have you tried carving yet?  It will be the same.  Trial and error.  Get excited after seeing something interesting.  Try.  Struggle and frustration.  Put it away.  And then, try again.  Something!  A carving someone recognizes.  A carving someone wants.  A carving you like. (By the way, those will be the ones you won’t want to let go.)   Keep at it.  Would love to hear anyone’s “first time” story.  It could be a carving story, but any one will be great to hear.

And if anyone has some advice for a carver trying to use tech to share a passion in his life give me a comment.  Trying something new is always more fun when you share the trouble and the triumphs with others.

Carving Tip #1: Hold on to some of the first carvings you do.  Resist the temptation to throw them into the fire Put them into a box labeled “Early Work.”  On occasion take them out. You will be amazed at your progress.


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