re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

Type of Wood: Zebra

There are many interesting types of wood with interesting names and characteristics. One that always

African zebrawood

catches my attention is zebra wood. Its characteristic stripe always draws my eye when I am reading books or magazines on wood or carving. It does not come off as the best carving wood, but for backgrounds or accents there is much to attract us to this wood.

Zebra wood is an “exotic.” Translate that into limited availability and expensive. It is also considered a “threatened” species, thought one article did speak of reforestation attempts in West African nations where it is most common.

Dramatic coloration attracts those who make furniture, veneer, paneling, arts and crafts, turnings and flooring. It is said to saw easily but to plane with difficulty. An added feature is that the wood smells, stinks when it is planed, like its name sake. The wood glues well. The finishing process must be done with care given the different densities in the striping. One characteristic a wood worker must take note of is the wood’s “shrink” factor. It tends to shrink a lot in the drying process.

Other sites for those interested in wood. “for Wood Lovers”
Musical Instrument Makers Forum: Potentially Toxic Wood

Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.


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