re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

# 17 Wood Caving: Tom Wolfe and the Banana Hat Guy

Banana hat man 06 108

One of the great things about wood carving is the freedom to carve what draws your attention. I have liked human faces. So I carve them. I will talk more about where to find inspiration, what kinds of things to collect, what to look for in face carving. In this entry I want to talk about the Banana Hat Guy. I got the idea for this face and the banana

Banana hat man 06 108b

hat from another carver, a well-known one – Tom Wolfe. Tom does some awesome faces. And he has fun presenting them in different ways.  His elves and gnomes, ancient men and rustic caricatures have pleased many for lots of year.

The Banana Hat Man is done in basswood. He is designed to hang from a “Banana Hook,” of course. That is also Tom’s idea. It makes for an eye catching presentation. The piece is painted with diluted acrylic which allows for many layers in a stain-like effect also allowing the wood grain to show through.

See the Gift Shop for pricing.


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