re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

#23 Reason to love wood carving and wood working people.

I love wood carving/wood working folks. There are so many reasons to love them. They are so often down to earth people: potlucks, sharing, helping, caring, talking, common sense, willingness to work, working hard, working with your hands, helping others work, basic decency, values and a heavy dose of humor.

Perhaps I am projecting on to wood carvers and wood workers an image that doesn’t fit.  I know we can find wood carvers who are not polite or caring or selfless. There are plenty who are in it only for themselves. But I have met many carvers, beginners/newbies no one knew and world famous carvers. Most were “salt of the earth” type people. (Harold Enlow and Peter Ortel to name only two you might recognize ) And that is part of what attracts me to wood carving. It is the people with whom you get to hang out.

Board Stretcher, Alger Park Hardware

So what is the picture all about. Just to show you the sense of humor you will find among wood carving folks. I wonder how many have been taken in by the “board stretcher.” Let me know if you find a working model. I think this one is only a prototype.

Have you got any pictures of wood carved or wood working humor.  Would you share with us?  Thanks.


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