re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

#31 A harmonica in Carnegie Hall. [VIDEO]

I know it is not wood carving, but it is “by hand.”  You will not regret the five minutes it takes to listen.

I have an unused harmonica in my dresser drawer. It is one of the “hobbies” I have always desired to try. Been to scared to really get into it – no real musical talent. Tried the violin for a few years – they excused me from the orchestra for faking it.

But I do enjoy a good harmonica. And, man, is this guy good.

Again, while it is not wood carving – there are carvings in the plaster work at Carnegie Hall – it is just a blast to listen to. Enjoy. And the next time you see a good wood carver, give them a standing ovation too.


A harmonica in Carnegie Hall. [VIDEO].


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