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#47 Wood Carving: Good carving reminders and tips from Mr. Allan Breed

Good carving reminders:

Watched an interesting video the other day. Mr. Allan Breed was demonstrating the carving of a ball/claw foot table leg for a Goddard table. The piece was being done in mahogany.  He explained the tools used and some of the techniques.

Allan Breed ball and claw

What was of interest to me were several of his comments on common mistakes carvers, especially new carvers make  and advice on how to overcome or avoid them.

Allan breed sheaf of wheat

1.  Go fast at the beginning of a project
2.  Begin with wood you are not afraid to throw away
3.  Save time in the carving for detail work at the end.
4.  Blocking in the major masses sets the work up for success in the end.
5.  No amount of fancy or wonderful detail work will save a poorly laid out carving
6.  Do a lot of drawing with pencil. (All pencil will wash off in the end)
7.  Make a template with markings so you need not keep taking out the ruler

To this I will add

8.  Keep your tools sharp
9.  Use the best wood you can find

10.  Find lots of reference material before you carve

Allan breed swing chair newel post

“The eyes of the LORD are everywhere,  keeping watch on the wicked and the good.”  Proverbs 1:3


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