re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

# 50 Wood Carving: Three men in hats, Caricature carving

More pictures than talk in this post.

Purple hat

Tan hat

Green hat two eyes.

These three carvings, however, have an interesting beginning.  I teach classes to Junior High students.  Seventh graders take a beginning class.  We carve an egg from a square block and then we do a duck.  The class is one hour for eight weeks.  The final week is for painting.












The eighth graders, in the second class, carve either a Father Christmas or a Snowman.  If either class progresses quickly we begin work on a ball in a cage.

Back side, hair texture

Hair used a wider gouge













In one of the art classes I have taught we had an exercise where everyone began the class with a blank piece of paper.  The first thing the student had to do was make a squiggle or wiggle mark on the page, anything they desired.  One squiggle only.  Then the paper was passed on to a neighbor and our drawing session would being.  You had to incorporate the mark into your drawing.

I got my eye on you.

Now here is the connection to the three men.  I prepare the blanks for the carving class.  I hate throwing wood away, any wood, almost any size.  I take the pieces home.  Then I sit with pieces and dream, design, play with ideas for what to carve from them. These three pieces began as cut offs with odd shapes.  This is the end result.

Ya don’t say

Ain't talkin' to you














The purpose of these carvings was not just to use scrap but also to practice facial expressions and surface texture.  Each hat has a different texture and the hair done a bit differently on each.  Of course, the most obvious difference is the facial expression.  I hope someone will want the set together.

You will notice the painting scheme.  I have used three basic colors and rotated them through the three carvings.  The gold on the hats and the blush on the checks add color interest.  The stands do not have any paint, they, along with the carvings, have been soaked in boiled linseed oil.


The stands also utilize scraps.  I have debated whether the stands are too large.  The initial responses from those who have seen them is that they work.  One person even commented how they especially liked the stands.

“A fool spurns a parent’s discipline, but whoever heeds correction shows prudence.”  Proverbs 15:5


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