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#66 Other wood: 35th Duneland Woodcarvers Show.1

First place Caricature

Another view

The 35th Duneland Woodcarvers Show is complete.  The Woodland Park main hall in Portage, IN was filled with great wood carvings for show and for sale.  Larry and Carol Yudis and the Wood Craft Shop from Davenport, Iowa were there.  Other vendors provided many materials useful to the wood carving enthusiast.  It was my estimation that the Saturday crowd of visitors was stronger than last year’s.  Good to see so many children and young people attending the show.

I have lots of pictures but wanted to get a few on line to show you what there was to see.  The pictures here are first and second place carvings for Human caricature and for Bark carving.  The reason for showing these two categories out of the 40 available will be obvious to the reader.

The first pieces are from the human caricature.  First place went to John Sisun.  My set of three faces garnered a second.

Side view

Purple hat

Green hat two eyes.

Tan hat

The second set of pieces come from the Bark carving category.  Ron Muskina again took first place with his Indian bust.  Perhaps next year someone will give him a little more competition.

Ron Muskina’s winning bark carving

John Klompaker’s second place bark house

“Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs    than a fool bent on folly.”  Proverbs 17:12


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