re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

85 Other ideas: Finding inspiration in the art work of others

Finding inspiration in all kinds of places takes work and a willingness to see, for a moment, the world as others see it. Artists catch a glimpse of the world’s beauty, translate it, record it, comment on it in a variety of mediums, display it in many creative ways.  One of the things I like to do is browse the art work of others.  Their pieces inspire me.  I ask, “How could I do that in wood?”

So, here are three stain glass pieces by my friends, Mel and Joy VanEssendelft.  Sorry, these three were auctioned of recently, so if you like one like them you would have to contact me or track them down.

How might you use their ideas for a piece of your own?

This could be a pierced relief to let the sunshine through when it is completed.

I believe that this piece done in wood has to have a textured back ground.  This would give the same feel as the clear diamond pieces of glass here.

The yellow “picture frame” around the daffodils would look good as a strong wood border around flowers set deeply into the wood.

No man ever fell into error through being too watchful. —C.H. Spurgeon


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