re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

86 Other carving: Book carving GUY LARAMEE

It is wood.  Well, at least it began as wood.  I know, it isn’t in the traditional form, but wonderfully carved none the less.  I have shown other book carvers, but these are really fun.  Have you seen Petras?  Guy has done a masterful job of giving us the feeling of the place.

The rest of these book carvings are also eye appealing.  One reminds me of a Pueblo of Southwestern USA.  Another has to be named Pagoda.  Not sure if I see it correctly, but one looks like it has a grave at the top – are those flowers?  What do you think?  Another I call “Oriental Mountain.”  It reminds me of scenes from China.  The final one, which also looks oriental, I have named “Overunder.”  It has a great feel to it.

CARVING TIP:  You will notice the good lighting that the photographer used when taking these pictures. A good tip for wood carvers.  I am trying to learn the ropes of lighting.  One site I read mentioned setting up a photo area.  Have the camera, lights, materials and any thing else needed for photographing ready in one place.  Then, when you have a carving ready, it is but a moment to take a few shots and you have something to post.

intro page : GUY LARAMEE.

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  1. I say, Watson and Kat, nice to have you check out Guy Laramee’s work. I hope to do as well in wood. Thanks for checking it out. There is another book carver back a few posts. You may like their work as well. I have plans for a few more posts on book carvers. Hope you come back to see things later. Shalom.

    March 13, 2012 at 7:43 pm

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