re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

88 Other wood recycled: How to Hide Dead Trees

I really like the idea of recycling.  It just makes lots of sense.  That is one reason I enjoy carving old wood:  chair spindles, stair railings, barn boards, cut offs, thread spools.  And of course, that is also one reason I am attracted to the material below.

Here is a quote from a post sent to me.  The photos and the work are great.  “All the old cottonwood trees in the area of Craig, Colorado, had some disease and needed to be removed. So the city council approved a Chainsaw competition in the park and offered a prize. The attached pictures are a result of the competition in the park. Great artists! Great public service.”

Of course this is only the teaser picture.  The rest are in the gallery.  “Hats off” to Craig, Colorado for making such great use of lost trees.  And a double hats off carvers for their good work.  My favorites are the Trolls, the Kids, and the Giraffes.  Which ones do you like?

While I do not care for chains saws myself, I am always impressed with the skill others have developed using them.  Again, more food for thought when it comes to my own wood carving.  I have my eye on the giraffe piece.  That might look great in a piece of bass or even a chunk of cotton wood bark.  I would add some paint to them to catch the distinctive giraffe markings and give another layer of variety to a carving.

Three more things to share here.  1. I would love to hear from those of you who check out these posts.  Got any questions or anything to share about wood carving?  2.  I also ask you to consider subscribing if you have not already done so.  I am not only interested in wood carving but also in those who track carving and its ideas.  3.  And finally, do any of you have carving ideas to share?


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