re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

93 Other carving: Chainsaw work of Randall Boni

In the last post I showed you carving I might even try, in fact, I have done pencils, but never pencil lead.  Remember, summer has to get here for me to try the lead.  Have you done any lead carving since the last post?

In this post there is work that I am pretty sure I will never do.  Randall Boni does a masterful job with a chainsaw.  Some carvers like their tools big, loud, and powerful.  They are in to removing lots of wood fast.  I like the smell of pine dust.  But I do not like the smell of engine exhaust so much.  I also like having ten fingers on my two hands.  I do enough damage to them with knives, gouges, and sandpaper.  Can you imagine what would happen with some bigger?

The best measure of a spiritual life is not its ecstasies but its obedience. —Oswald Chambers


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