re-using, recycling, and redeeming old wood

131. Woodwork from other places 9, China.

Does Post 115 ring a bell? Pictured is another rather small bell. It is not nearly as decorated as the previous one, however, the work is no less intriguing. Five key pieces, each carefully cut, shaped, and arranged. The piece would fit into a large hand. Perhaps it was used for a small animal like a calf, goat or sheep.

Haven’t tried posting sound here. I mention that because, despite its size, the bell rings rather loudly. It would surely provide identification of a small, active animal. The hardwoods used give a great volume of a penetrating kind.

I know, the next picture doesn’t look like a bell. Well, it isn’t. Please do check back sometime to find out what it is and a few more pictures of it. Until then, Shalom.


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