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158 Woodwork from other places 17. Russian.

Okay, another one. There are many great wood carvers in Russia. Here are two small examples of the kind of relief carving they can produce. I am not at the level of detail you find in these pieces. But they do suggest to me or challenge me to go further in my work. What about you?


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157. Wood Carving: Wooden spools

There are so many avenues in wood by which to express oneself. Here we have thread spools. Limited work surface calls for creative carving. One is forced to ask questions and make decisions on a small scale.

Below is information related to the spool work pictured:

“I can be reached at Touch-Of-Color KNOWtes, Box 505, South Bend IN 46624-0505 until my son and I create my website this summer. Until then, please contact me at .”

Hope you find an avenue for the creativity created in you. Shalom.

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156. Carving Recycled Wood. IKEA bed frames 3.

One of the reasons I like looking at the work of other carvers is all the details, the ways they make a block of wood look like something. It isn’t a real Native American that Lynn Doughty creates (post 155), but his cuts, burning, positioning and painting give a very strong impression of reality.

I invite you to look for some of the same things in this unpainted third piece done from an IKEA bed frame. Note the roof lines are not flat even though it doesn’t have shingles. There is also a contrast between the parts of the siding with board lines and those without. (At this point I can not remember if the upper story got vertices board lines or not. It needed them) The curve of the chimney adds strength to the over-all effect. And it is balanced nicely with the dormer window opposite.

One thing I like carving is rocks. The base of this carving is made much more interesting with the addition of rocks, the undercutting, and the large rock thrusting through the foundation into the rest of the piece. Compare the different handling of rocks and foundation in the previous carving in posts 145 and 152.

This carving is also in a private collection in China or the U.S.A., depending on owner residency.


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155. Lynn Doughty: a carver worth knowing.

Lynn Doughty is a carver I enjoy following. Here you get just three of his more recent, fine pieces. He has many useful and interesting techniques he willingly shares on his site listed below. Hope you can check him out. Well worth your time.


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154. Tree Branch Carving. Ready for Cold Weather.

Where do you find carving material? The answer, everywhere! This piece of wood came from limbs pruned from trees on a university campus in Beijing, China. Hey, when you need to carve…

It is poplar. The limb was cut to length and then left to season a little. The goals here were to practice a different kind of hat and to work on facial expression. I like both. Also, part of the caricature was to oversized the hands and then the thought came to do the same with the button. It certainly was easier to set in detail around the button without worrying about cutting it off. How often have you tried carving in the round?

Sorry for the poor quality of the second picture. It is only one I could find at the moment.


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153. Other material: Eggshell Carvings. | Frankie965

Recycling? Perhaps here pushed to the limit. Hope you can enjoy someone’s creativity as much as I do. A few pictures of Brian’s eggshells may hook you into something new.

Eggshell Carvings. | Frankie965.

“So by using high-speed device called paragraver (something like a dental instrument),

Brian Bate creates masterpieces of incredible beauty, from the simple egg.”


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152 Carving Recycled Wood. IKEA bed frame 2 – rustic places.

I still love the idea of reusing objects, materials, ideas. As a professional teacher there is great satisfaction in developing a teaching point or idea and then finding as many contexts as possible where it can be used. I like the same for objects, whether it’s old tires to retread sandals or old boots to use a flower pots.

Wood isn’t any different. The pictures below are of another rustic carving recycled from an IKEA bed frame. (See Post 145 for the first one) It could be an old school house, an old church, or cabin. I like the movement in the piece, with the leaning top and uneven walls.

What do you think, paint or no paint? Post 145 got paint, this one no paint. It was sprayed with several coats of clear, gloss varnish.


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