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#27 Wood Carving: Doc commission nearing completion.

It is almost finished! After three months and many small steps, Doc 2 nears completion. Paint brushes came out today after chores where done. The paint scheme for Doc 2 is from Phil Bishop. Doc 2 is, as I said in the

Doc 2, what a smile

last Doc post, from a Bishop rough out.

Doc 2, frontal view

Phil did a great job on the original paint work. The skin is a mix of medium flesh, dark flesh and Georgia Clay. Doc’s hair is Brown Iron Oxide. The shirt is Denim Blue and the tie is Bright Red. Pants are Wintergreen. The stethoscope adds a nice touch with Metallic Silver. And the lab coat is official doctor white.

One more closeup.

All that is left now is that Doc needs to dry for a day or two. After he dries he will be dipped into boiled

Caricature – large head and feet

linseed oil with a little Burnt Sienna. That will soak in for a night and Doc will be ready for shipping. Now the next commission – four faces which need painting.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.   1 Chronicles 16: 34


#22 Carving in Maquoketa, IA in June.

Iowa in June?  Really?  And was it wet!  But the carving and competition were indoors, so we weren’t bothered too much, except for those who had to run between the buildings or who sat under the few leaks.

Carvings from the show

Now what is that all about?  One of the places I like to go for inspiration, education, and carving competition is to the Affiliated Wood Carvers show in Maquoketa, IA.   The AWC says of itself, “Affiliated Wood Carvers, Limited, (AWC) is a non-profit corporation

Mountain man

which publicly promotes the fine art of woodcarving through the sponsorship of the International Woodcarvers Congress.”

The AWC continues, “To the best of our knowledge, the International Woodcarvers Congress is the longest running, c

Human bust

ompetitively judged, woodcarving art show in the United States. It is truly the most prestigious show of its kind. Artists from all over the United States, Canada and overseas have competed for cash and awards at the ‘Congress.’”

As you can see by the small sample of pictures provided, the Congress is a great place to learn more

One of the best in the show

about the art of wood carving.  At the Congress, great teachers provide superior instruction in many carving styles and techniques.  Quality

Deep relief

competition allows carvers to display their work against other high ranking national and international carvers.  And you get to hang around with lots of great people who love the art of woodcarving.

Anyone interested in wood carving needs to make the International Woodcarvers Congress at Maquoketa, IA a must see.  Check out the AWC website for the dates of the next Congress.