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166. Woodwork from other places, China. Qîngzuò. Please sit down.

I know, it isn’t really wood carving. But, there is wood work done. This stool is more than 150 years old. It captures my attention for several reasons. First is the hand labor involved. Rounding the seat must have taken some time. Shaping the legs as well. Did you notice the slight curve to them. A nice detail. And then there is the work done to slot the legs into the seat, terrific.

A second reason to like this piece is the recycling done. The owner believes the seat was a wheel of some kind, hence the square hole in the top. The seat reminds me of ancient Chinese coins with their square or round holes so they could be threaded and carried on a string.

A third reason to like this stool is the character of the wood. Holes, unfinished edges, color, cracks, and growth rings make this an eye-pleasing object. What do you think?


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150 Woodwork from other places 16, China. Get to the root of it.

At first glance there is not much here, but certainly a lot of years. This stool is reported to be more than one hundred years old. 18l x 8w x 12h. Simple, rough, undecorated. Yet not without its charm. Certainly a solid seat. Rather low for most western tastes. But typical for many Asian cultures.

I still have to think about all the hand labor involved, locating, digging out, cutting off, shaping. Not your typical box store, big manufacture object. And it sits pretty well, too. Maybe some day this bucket list project will get created in my shop.


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143 Woodwork from other places 14, China. Sit on it!

Not much to say here other than I love the aged grain of this stool. Its owner guessed it was at least 100 years old. I have used it as a foot stool. Do you like the feel of wood? The surface on this one is worn smooth, even satiny in places. Pictures 2,4, and 6 show just a little of why the piece attracts. Hope you have beautiful pieces of creation created into beautiful objects around you too.


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84 Wood carving: Table in Changsha, Hunan, China

I begin this post with an apology to my good friend Alan(wdm)  In a conversation with Alan this morning on QQ I invited him to look on the blog for a few pictures of a table in the Post Office of the school campus where we shared a few summers.  This afternoon I come to my Dashboard and, horror of horrors, I find that I have only begun to set up the next post, haven’t finished it, let alone posted it.

Alan, sorry, here is the table I mentioned.  Do you remember seeing it.  Alina is the young lady in one of the pictures.  Perhaps you saw her when we were walking through the classrooms.

There, enough.  Let’s move on.  Can’t you imagine having a formal dinner around such a wonderful piece?  Or even an informal gathering with the table filled with munchies and drinks.  But of course you will have to to Central South University of Forestry & Technology in order to enjoy it.

One of the great things about travel, for wood carvers, is the opportunity to see new wood carvings. One can only imagine the effort it took to trim and prepare this piece, to work it, and then to get it into place.  The pictures rarely do a piece justice, at least my pictures, but this was an enjoyable find.  Have you any interesting carving photos from any travels you have done?  Would love to see them.

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# 71 Other wood: More Rick Klompmaker – side table

This table is standing in my brother’s front hall.  I am always impressed with the quality of his work.  This one is deceptively simple.  I really like the slender legs and the curved top.

Close up of legs and cross pieces

Another view

In setting from the stairs

This final pictures lets you see how great the table looks in its setting.  It fits the niche well.

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#47 Wood Carving: Good carving reminders and tips from Mr. Allan Breed

Good carving reminders:

Watched an interesting video the other day. Mr. Allan Breed was demonstrating the carving of a ball/claw foot table leg for a Goddard table. The piece was being done in mahogany.  He explained the tools used and some of the techniques.

Allan Breed ball and claw

What was of interest to me were several of his comments on common mistakes carvers, especially new carvers make  and advice on how to overcome or avoid them.

Allan breed sheaf of wheat

1.  Go fast at the beginning of a project
2.  Begin with wood you are not afraid to throw away
3.  Save time in the carving for detail work at the end.
4.  Blocking in the major masses sets the work up for success in the end.
5.  No amount of fancy or wonderful detail work will save a poorly laid out carving
6.  Do a lot of drawing with pencil. (All pencil will wash off in the end)
7.  Make a template with markings so you need not keep taking out the ruler

To this I will add

8.  Keep your tools sharp
9.  Use the best wood you can find

10.  Find lots of reference material before you carve

Allan breed swing chair newel post

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# 39 Other interesting places: part two

Where is your suggestion?  At the risk of sounding like Mike Rowe, whom do you have to suggest to add to the list “Other interesting places.”

Two more were suggested to me just after I posted #38 “Other interesting places.”  I have sat with one of these artist.  The other has a blog which I have followed for a while.  Good people to spend time with.  I trust you will enjoy their work as well.

The first is John Philbin Dolan.

John is a painter.  He is working in pastels and beginning to move into oil.  We have one of his pastels, a cowboy, hanging in our home.  I am sure you will appreciate his skill and execution.  It has been great to talk with John about art and the goal of art.  Even the conversation on the meaning of art is a “lost art” in America these days.  We both agree that “art is not in the eye of the beholder.”  An idea open to more conversation later., Dad's Tools, Come rain or shine, David

The second artist is “Yaakov.”  I have never met him, but his work, as displayed in his blog is pretty neat.  I like his lines and craftsmanship.  Check him out.

The other artist is Yaakov. Among other things he makes furniture.  And he muses about wood working and art.

Chai-boy by Yaakov

Box with inlay by Yaakov

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