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#8 New things are always exciting

Another post?  Two in one day?  Well, you know how new things go.  At first they are exciting and interesting.  They capture your attention and energy.  So I am going with the flow.  And making a commitment to keeping it up.  There will not be two posts every day.  My goal will be one new post a week. 

I had hoped to  have some pictures to put right here.  So far I have only gotten the link to an album.  If I get things figured out before I send this post there may be a picture included.

New ventures carry the risk of failure.  In wood carving, too.  At first you are not sure you want to try.  The failure factor looms large.  Then you take the plunge and the adrenaline flows.  You try a little and find it pleasant.  The project takes on a life of its own.  Have you tried wood carving?  There are many qualities to it as a hobby which causes me to recommend it to you.  In future blogs I will try to clarify what I mean.  For now, suffice it to say, if you haven’t every considered wood carving as a hobby you might want to.

So, I have been trying for the past hour to get an image on this blog.  Obviously it is not here.  New ventures carry risk of failure.  I have failed to share a carving image with you – unless you use the URL provided above.  Perhaps next time I will have learned to post a picture, painlessly.  Still excited about the blog and the carving.  Shalom.

PS.  Checked out the post.  Not sure why there is a big space in there.  More to learn.  jk

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