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#60 Wood carving: Pelicans, whales and turtles, wood carving is everywhere.

Intarsia pelican

Beautiful wood work shows up everywhere.  One just needs to have an eye for it.  The pictures in this post were taken by one of my daughter’s while on a trip to Florida this winter.  I love the “rope work” frame around the pelican here.  Also, the artist has done a great job with the use of white to hold the piece together.

Right whale

Top view

Head shot of right whale 1

You have seen whales here before.  Always like to view carvings of whales.  This one is a “right” whale.  Whalers named it so because it was considered the right whale to hunt.  When struck with a harpoon, this whale would stay afloat so whalers had an easier time of processing it.

I like the overhead shot best.  The lines look clean.  I am not so thrilled with the head shot, the manufactured eye does not sit well in the head, from my perspective.  I would also like to see a rougher surface on the whale, they are not as smooth or clean looking as this carving presents.

Sea turtles

These two sea turtles make a great presentation.  Great negative space, nice movement created by the turn of their heads and the spacing of their bodies on the stand.  A pleasing presentation.  I think they may be Green Sea Turtles.  For my taste, however, I would like a little more detail on the rear flippers on each turtle.

What are you carving these days?  Have anything to share?  Would love to hear from you.

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#57 Wood carver: Christine Coffman, elegance in wood.

I love the work of Christine Coffman.

Penguins, Pelicans, Bears….Keepsakes…. she captures expression so well. Her carvings are clean, well proportioned. Each one has a touch of elegance about it. The first few pictures here are Christine’s work. Those at the end are my attempts to imitate her. I do hope that this imitation is a sincere form of flattery here.

Penguins with egg, Coffman

Bear with fish, Coffman

Pelicans, Coffman

Keepsake girl, Coffman

I have been practicing for the past few weeks, trying to capture the elegance of Christine’s pieces.  Several of the pieces below are finished.  Others are nearing completion.  I like the impact of the small grouping.  It adds a special appeal to already cute penguins.

First attempt

Second, note smaller beak

Shorter, plumper third

In progress

Polar bear patrol

The entire gang

It has been enjoyable to try and follow Christine’s lead.  You will note, however, that her’s are around two inches tall.  Mine are a bit taller.  More practice.  More fun. Will share more as they arrive.  Happy carving.

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