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92 Other carving: Dalton Ghetti on pencils

What can you do with pencils? Lots.  My students write with them, use them as hair pieces, make “fangs” out of them.  At other times they leave them like Hansel and Gretal-like trails out my classroom door and down the halls of the school.  I like to think they leave such a pencil trail so they can make their way back to my classes.  Then again, I find all the broken bits of pencil in odd places, places which make me suspect that the pencils are being processed into miniature missiles, easy to hide, quick ammo for Jr High wars.

As you already know, I like wood carving.  As you also also already know, I really like all kinds of good carving.   So now we stick pencils and carving together.  Remember the  alphabet on a pencil stub.  That was the work of Dalton Ghetti.  I like his work.  Enough to find a few more pictures of it.

The mailbox above boggles my mind.  As a wearer of glasses, my eyes smart just thinking about how Dalton does his work.  The detail in the mailbox is eye-catching.  I am not sure if the hinge on the box really works.  That would be too much.  If you know, please do contact me.

One of my problems is that every neat carving I see I want to carve it myself.  Now, I am not of the caliber of a Fred Cogelow or a Phil Bishop, but pencils and pencil stubs, enough of those I got.  Maybe.  Summer vacation is only weeks away.

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#72 Recycling other than wood: Pencil carving by Dalton Getty

Crazy cool alphabet

The above web addresses take you to a really neat viewing of a really “crazy,” gifted carver.  It isn’t wood, never-the-less, it is really great work.  The first time I saw Dalton’s pieces I thought he was nuts.  But, the more I look at it, the more pencil pieces I pick up at my job as a teacher, the more I wonder if I shouldn’t try it.
I wonder if each of the pencils began as a full pencil and he had to go so small because he broke them off.  That would be my experience.  I have a bunch of grade school pencils, the fat ones, remember?  That might be more my size.  And, if it works, there is a lot more lead to work with.
Let me know if you try.  I would like to see your pictures too. 

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