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#58 Penguins, penguins, penguins: Coffman style.

White pine penguin -sold

A few snow days and some quiet hours have given me time to carve a small waddle of penguins. Check me out, the term is correct, when they are on land anyway. When they are in the water you call them a raft of penguins. And if they are chicks standing around in a group you have a creche (kresh) of penguins.

White pine 2

white pine 3

Basswood mini

The penguins shown here have been carved in several different types of wood. The first few photos here are a carving out of white pine.  Several things to like about this one, I think.  You don’t have smell on your computer, but the wood has a great aroma.  Also, I really like the grain and the effect it has on the piece.  And one more feature I like about this carving, the blank was cut out of a piece of white pine splintered off a log.  The block of wood was about three inches square.  The carving still has some of the rough edges on the piece.  I like the effect.

Cottonwood bark 1

Cottonwood bark 2

Cottonwood bark 3

One of my favorite materials for carving is cottonwood.  I really like the effect of the rich, dark red coloring of this penguin.  It also looks good on the uncut bark, giving the wood a “rock-like” appearance.

Butternut 2

Butternut 1

Basswood mini 2

This little guy is my daughter’s favorite.  He is done in butternut.  His plumb little body leans into you.  He has a cute charm.

Basswood, leaning into wind

Basswood, leaning into the wind

Basswood, leaning into the wind 3

The piece, like the mini, is out of basswood.  Basswood is one of the favorite materials for American wood carvers.  This piece is an attempt at creating tension and movement.  The uphill climb is real.

A basswood pair.

A basswood pair 2

Another white pine carving

The final two pictures are of small piece done in cedar.  The smell is great and the colors add a nice touch to the carving.

Red cedar 1

Red cedar 2

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#57 Wood carver: Christine Coffman, elegance in wood.

I love the work of Christine Coffman.

Penguins, Pelicans, Bears….Keepsakes…. she captures expression so well. Her carvings are clean, well proportioned. Each one has a touch of elegance about it. The first few pictures here are Christine’s work. Those at the end are my attempts to imitate her. I do hope that this imitation is a sincere form of flattery here.

Penguins with egg, Coffman

Bear with fish, Coffman

Pelicans, Coffman

Keepsake girl, Coffman

I have been practicing for the past few weeks, trying to capture the elegance of Christine’s pieces.  Several of the pieces below are finished.  Others are nearing completion.  I like the impact of the small grouping.  It adds a special appeal to already cute penguins.

First attempt

Second, note smaller beak

Shorter, plumper third

In progress

Polar bear patrol

The entire gang

It has been enjoyable to try and follow Christine’s lead.  You will note, however, that her’s are around two inches tall.  Mine are a bit taller.  More practice.  More fun. Will share more as they arrive.  Happy carving.

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