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132. Woodwork from other places 10, Germany. Erhard Schön, woodcuts

Wood cuts by Erhard Schön, a master carver who shone after Albrecht Durer. You know Albrecht Dürer, right? If you do not, let me encourage you to check him out to.

Pictures here come from Pinterest. Now you have the name you can check out Erhard in many other places.

What caught my attention was the amount of work he produced, the quality and quantity of detail, and the social, political commentary he made in his work. He was a product of his time, living and working during Renaissance Humanism and The Reformation of the 16th Century. He is worth knowing for both his wood carving and his view on life. Check him out.

I left the thumbnails small so as to not lose detail.

British Museum – Erhard Schön, Picture Puzzle of Jonah and the Whale and a Squatting Peasant, a woodcut.