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202. Carving in the round. Friend/Indian/Native American/Ancient Invader/Neighbor?

It’s a carving. It isn’t a political statement. It isn’t intended to be demeaning or defaming. It is of an Indian/Native American/tribe member/one of any number of tribes. He is holding cigars. There was a connection between him and tobacco. His clothing and head piece are an attempt at catching what he may have worn four hundred years ago. His features may be a caricature, may have some resemblance of someone past or present.

It’s a carving. Well done? I like the face. The lines are clean and clear. The hands and feet fit the description of caricature, overly large, exaggerated. I also like the coloring of skin and lion cloth. Both came out satisfactorily.

It’s a carving. Some friends are holding a sale this month. Hoping this piece goes. How much would you offer for it?


“A hot-tempered person stirs up conflict, but the one who is patient calms a quarrel.” Prov 15:18


155. Lynn Doughty: a carver worth knowing.

Lynn Doughty is a carver I enjoy following. Here you get just three of his more recent, fine pieces. He has many useful and interesting techniques he willingly shares on his site listed below. Hope you can check him out. Well worth your time.


“Everyone enjoys a fitting reply; it is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time!” Prov 15:23.

# 18 A cool place for inspiration: Leanin’ Tree

Wood carvers are always looking for ideas.  They are also looking for help in how to carve something in an interesting way.

Donkey eye detail, Leanin' Tree collection

Wolf, Leanin' Tree collectionI always enjoy.

Where to go?  We will have many more entires on sources for ideas.  We plan to discuss books, pictures, photos, calendars, other artist’s work.   One of my sources of inspiration is Leanin’ Tree .

I have enjoyed Leanin’ Tree.   Leanin’ Tree is part of  Trumble Greetings, a greeting card company.

What interests me for this blog, and there are many aspects of Leanin’ Tree which do interest me – not least the cards and

Eagle detail, Leanin' Tree collection

books I have purchased from them,  is the Western art which Mr. Ed Trumble has gathered.  This collection is now on display in Leanin’ Tree’s museum at the main office in Boulder,  Colorado.

As you can tell from the pictures included in this entry, what is of interest here is not necessarily the entire piece of art.  The close up shots of carvings allows me to see how a particular artist dealt with a

Bear detail, Leanin' Tree collection

particular challenge in representing real life in an artistic way.  The animals here are not real, they are art.  What liberties did the artist take with reality?  How did he or she capture the “wolf-ness”  or “eagle-ness” in bronze or stone?  Was there exaggeration in the eye details or in the length of the face?  What kinds of cuts would I have to make in order catch the same movement in wood?  Could I use a similar movement in a piece to give my work flow or interest for the viewer?

A visit to Leanin’ Tree in Boulder would be a worthwhile stop.  If that is not possible, an online bookmark for the museum or a purchase of one of the museum’s books would be a valuable addition to any carver’s collection.  They would provide hours of enjoyment and inspiration.