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83 Wood carving: Big Mouth 1 and 2

I have been showing the work of others for the past while. Thought it might be time to show something I have carved.  These two pieces were begun at the end of last summer.  They are now finished and hanging in our house.  The work in progress is shown here.  Will show the painted pieces soon, after I take a few more pictures. The carvings are roughly 18 long x 4 wide x 2 inches thick.

Both carvings are done in cottonwood bark.  Last summer I revisited a lightening struck tree while on a family vacation.  For years small sections or pieces have been falling off the tree.  This past summer the tree’s entire bark skin came off.  The morning we were to return home, while I still had an empty vehicle, I loaded up as much bark as would fit in my small SUV.  I found some storage for the bark and was even able to squeeze a few pieces into the load returning home from vacation.  Good thing we ate our way through some of supplies from the incoming trip. That left room for some bark.

I found inspiration for the pieces in a carving magazine.  One picture gave the idea.  The challenge was to get the correct cuts to recreate feeling of the photo.  My dentist liked the pieces.  Perhaps I will have to replace the bad spot in Big Mouth 1 with a gold filling.

Enjoy.  Feed back is most welcome.  Inquiries about purchasing pieces also.

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#65 Other wood: Reuben Margolin’s Kinetic Wave Sculptures

Okay, so you might be wondering why I am posting yet another artist’s work.  You might be asking, why isn’t he doing more of his own carving?  The truth is, schedules and duties do need to be kept and the hobby carver can’t get all the time in that he would like.  So, checking out a few web sites and receiving info on other artists via the net is far faster than completing a carving of one’s own.

That said, what Reuben Margolin’s has here, what he has done with wood, is really cool.  I know you will enjoy seeing his interpretation of wood.  His work, far different from mine, is still fun to watch.

Amazing all the different things we can do with wood.  Have you found any other web sites what artist “do wood?”  Care to share them with us?  Thanks in advance.



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