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167. Carving Recycled Wood. IKEA bed frames 5

Posts 145, 152,156, 160. Those are posts where you can find cabins 1- 4.

This one has its own unique and interesting qualities. First the large knot in the base. Its location is not an accident. The wood was turned and viewed from every angle. Finally, given the limited number of tools available at the time of carving, it was decided that the knot needed to be in the base.

Then, how to incorporate it into the base? The result, a large rock which allowed for very limited carving to the knot itself.

Another pleasing feature is the roof. Both the wavy carving lines and the wavy growth rings make an attractive top to the cabin. And these lines offset the chimney well.

One choice I am not so sure about is the size of the smaller wall rocks. Should they have been larger. What do you think?


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#75 Wood carving: Old Fashioned Face – Tom Wolfe style.

Old Fashioned Face – front view

I am not sure about you, if you are a wood carver, but I have to suspect you have at least two boxes in your house that are like mine.  The first box has to be filled with carving ideas, half finished carvings or carvings that are nearly there, but not quit completed.  Anyone have one of those?  Or perhaps it is three or four or more. I have several boxes, not sure how many.  Some contain carvings I will never get to or return to.  They are carvings done early on in my career.  I ran into a problem, got bored, or lost interest.  Always put aside with a promise of getting back to it some day.  Some will never be completed because the original idea was to simplistic or poorly conceived so they are not worth the time and energy to complete.  Others would require more effort and thinking than I have available to me at this point.

3/4 view

The carving above has made it out of the “nearly completed” box into the “to be painted.”  But, since I do not have the time to carve, let alone paint, in the month of July, it sits unfinished.

Old Fashioned Face 3

Old Fashioned Face right hand profile

Old Fashioned Face rear view

I like the flow of this face.  The large nose and over-sized cheeks catch attention.  I worked on the hair and beard,  trying to break them into large hair masses first and then into smaller “individual” hairs or hair groups.  I think paint will draw even more attention to the hair masses.

Final view

The piece is still not painted, so anyone wanting to buy this piece could request custom coloring.  With some flashing eyes, gold trim and rosy cheeks, this could be a stunning piece.  Contact me here or at

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#70 Not wood stuff: Anyone know anyone?

Something to look at

This will be a short post:

I am not sure how to state it. Seems a bit …..well not sure… tell me.

I am hoping to increase my subscriber list. I would like to share carvings, carving ideas, carving talk, cool wood and wood stories with more folks. But always, how to get the word out? Could you help? Many of you have stated how much you enjoy the posts – all 70 of them. Would you be willing to invite others to subscribe? Wasn’t hard for you was it?  Still looking?  Enjoying?   Please, consider which of your friends might also be interested. Thank you for your time and effort.


Ask me what happened.

There is a carving idea this photo somewhere.  What can you suggest?

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# 25 Wood Carving: The process – raw wood to Father Christmas/Santa gifts REVISITED

A few weeks ago you saw pictures of some Father Christmas carvings begun. At that time there was a promise to share progress.

But before I go any farther let me give credit where credit is due. The idea for this carving is not mine. The original pattern is from Mike Bloomquist. I have included his web site address here. The pattern, some great pictures and explanation are found in Carving Magazine, Issue #32, Holiday 2010, page 16. I am anticipating Mike’s painting techniques in a later issue.

Father Chrsitmas in various stages

The pictures included in the post are of my carvings.  The first picture is of several carvings in various stages of completion.  I also tried several different sizes to see what effect the carving

A trio of smiles

technique would have.  Everyone who sees them responds to different ones.  Some like the short, wide version and other like the tall, thinner ones.  I prefer the wide, squat figures.

Details added, awaiting paint

You will notice that I have many carvings ready to paint.  One tip for new carvers is to carve several pieces and then paint them all at once.  Here I will paint mix up the colors I want for the faces and paint all of them at once.  Then I will paint in all the robe colors if there is going to be any variation.  Finally I will add all the trim colors.

Stages of a carving

Included here is a picture of the various stages a carving will go through.  Left rear is our “rough out” or “blank.”  You can see the lines drawn on it to give an idea of the carvings layout.  (Thanks to my friend April for helping with some of the cut outs for the group meeting at my house bi-weekly)  Next, rear right, is the initial cuts, “hogging off”  or “wasting” to get rid of some of the wood for a basic

Painting begun, oil

shape.  The third stage is front right.  It has the major areas all set in place and has a few of the details added.  Front left is a completed carving.  All the details are now in place.  One more step before carving will be to wash the piece, if I am going to use acrylic paints.  As suggested by Phil and Vicki Bishop, I use

Another view

a solution of Simple Green to clean dirt, hand oil, pencil lines off the carving.  And finally, in the center, is a carving which I have begun to paint.

If you looked closely at the painted carving you will notice some smudges of red on the trim.  This is my first attempt at painting with oil.  I need a spike on which to rest the carving so that my hands can be

Which size/shape do you like?

freeto control paint and avoid smudges.  I was impatient to try the oil.  It will cost me time to correct.

I will show some of the completed carvings in a later post.  Perhaps you have some suggestions for color?  Any suggestions for decoration of the robes?  Let me know what you think.

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